Review - Is It Legit?

 With so many people finding amazing benefits from microdosing therapy, there has been an upsurge in providers (and scammers) in the space.

This article is for reviewing SoulCybin, and (the official website of this brand).

We say official, because there are scammers who made and are using this respected brand name to steal from people, but if you go to, that is where this company truly lives.

About SoulCyin:

Here’s a snippet from their website:

“We are a small group of like-minded individuals united like family and committed to service. Each of our team members brings years of personal experience working with plant medicine into their work with others. We are trailblazers, visionaries, and servants to our community.

Before the government changed the rules, we built and ran our plant-based medicine healing practice for the people in private for years. Since society and government have finally begun to understand what ancient wisdom has always known, we've been very happy to bring our sacred work to the greater public without compromising our values.

Regardless of current public policy, our brand has always stood for professionalism and purpose.We respect and honour the life-changing benefits of these sacred plants by providing our clients with product standards they can trust, the proper guidance, and customer service they deserve.”

Is SouCybin Legit Or Scam?

SoulCybin is definitely a legit business, and not a scam.  They serve hundreds (maybe thousands?) of clients serving thousands of products per month. 

They clearly care deeply about the quality of their product and their customer service experience.

If you read their reviews ( you’ll see many people raving about how helpful the team was and how great their experience has been.

As far as microdosing products in the USA, SoulCybin is the most grounded, high-quality, and consistent company we can find.

The Healing Power of Microdosing

Reading the reviews on SoulCybin is simply mindblowing: 

People are relieving all sorts of mental health issues, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other trauma…

Are increasing their creativity, productivity, and focus…

As well as a deeper connection to presence and peace in the moment…

And overall a massively improved quality of life.

On SoulCybin they even share some stats about how many people (the majority) are getting benefits from the product!

Just browsing around for a bit is incredibly informative and inspiring!

Why Choose SoulCybin? (Taken from their site)




Your order will be sent in covert packaging that conceals the nature of the goods it contains. Whatever your motivation, we make it simple for you to microdose privately.

We value professionalism above all else. The cultivation, packaging, and distribution of our psilocybin products are all done with intentional thought, and your entire interaction with us is no different.

The potent psilocybe cubensis and natural supplement formulae we've developed offer a wide range of physiological advantages for the whole body in addition to the psilocybin effects.

Customer Service

Secure USA Delivery


Whatever you need, we are here to help. To assist you in finding the ideal microdose for you, respond to any inquiries, and offer prompt, dependable assistance for anything relating to our goods.

A 100% USA Shipping Guarantee is offered by us. In addition to being one of the few companies who ship to the contiguous United States, we will reship your package if it doesn't arrive. Absolutely free.

As SoulCybin works to raise the collective consciousness of our entire planet, we see the entire mushroom-growing process as a sacred experience and gift for you—the person taking the psilocybin—and the entire world.

Our Conclusion

SoulCybin is a company that is dedicated to helping people with their mental and spiritual health. They provide a variety of microdosing products and the reviews on them are very positive.

SoulCybin is definitely legit, not a scam, and if you’re interested in microdosing therapy for its many benefits, we recommend checking them out at!